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AQSLOGO.gif (18070 bytes) The American Quilter’s Society offers a program to train, test and certify appraisers in order to qualify them to assign monetary values to quilts and quilted textiles. Appraisals are needed to establish the value of these items for insurance, fair market, donation and estate settlement purposes. Anytime that there is a question about the value of personal property, a professional appraisal is needed. Antique quilts, new quilts and quilted garments may be appraised.

Whenever there is a loss of a quilt, the insurance company will set the amount that an insured person will receive. Many insurance adjusters are not knowledgeable about the value of quilts today. A written appraisal by a certified appraiser is highly beneficial in such a situation to substantiate the value of the item. Written appraisals are also important in establishing value for the division of personal property in divorce settlements and in assessing the loss or damage of property incurred in moving. Quilts are often donated to tax-exempt, 501c3, organizations. Depending on the value of the donation, a written appraisal may be required by the IRS.

A written appraisal consists of a complete description of the article, including size, type of quilt, construction techniques, predominate colors and types of fabric used, batting and quilting design. If the date of construction is not documented, a date is determined, based on the fabrics it contains and the construction techniques used. Traditional quilting patterns are identified in the appraisal.

All quilt appraisers certified by the American Quilter’s Society have agreed to a Code of Ethical Practices to insure confidentiality and fair business practices.

I received AQS certification to appraise quilts and quilted textiles in 1993. I appraise at quilt shows, quilt and needlework shops, and conduct in-house appraisals. All appraisals must be hands-on and cannot be done from a photograph or verbal description. Quilts may be shipped to me for appraisal. Please contact me in advance to make arrangements.


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