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RotaryQuilt.jpg (250376 bytes)Floral Applique, 72"x 72" Unknown pattern c.1875. This quilt was shown at the Rotary Quilt Show, "Antique Quilts from the Experts", April 2006, Paducah, KY. It was also used as the artwork on the Rotary's annual quilt show pin. Hand applique and hand quilted with feathers and feather wreaths. The quilt is in a private collection.

RotaryQuiltDetail.jpg (224506 bytes)Floral Applique Quilt Detail.

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Flower Urn.jpg (42092 bytes)"Garden Bouquet", 76"x91" From a pattern published by Florence LaGanke's Nancy Page Quilt Club, c. 1932. Made from cottons, the quilt is pieced, appliqued, and embroidered, and has a green Greek Key border. This quilt is in a private collection.

Flower Urn Detail.jpg (37672 bytes)"Garden Bouquet" Detail.

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nycrazy.jpg (63096 bytes)"Crazy Quilt", 68"x77" This quilt, c.1880, reportedly came from New York state.  Silk and velvet were used with I 1/2" metallic fringe on three sides. The quilt contains commemorative and advertising silks and embroidery. This quilt is in a private collection.

nycrazy_detail2.jpg (51759 bytes)"Crazy Quilt" Detail.

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Tulip Cross.jpg (59247 bytes)"Tulip Cross", var. 79"x79" A quilt from c.1890 with hand applique and hand quilting with a feather wreath in center and diagonal cross hatching.  The quilt has red and white 3" borders and four-patch blocks in the corners.  The red fabric is Turkey red characteristic of this time period.  The quilt is in a private collection.

Tulip Cross Detail.jpg (47486 bytes)"Tulip Cross" detail.

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oceanwaves.jpg (50927 bytes)"Ocean Waves", 65"x76" This c. 1930 quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted.  The scrap quilt is pieced of multicolor triangles in fabrics from this time period.  Quilting patterns include a double line chain in the wide white border and diagonal lines and flowers in the body of the quilt.  A pieced triangle border acts as a frame for the design.  The quilt is in a private collection.

oceanwaves_detail.jpg (70060 bytes)"Ocean Waves" detail.

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doubleX.jpg (38982 bytes)This quilt pattern has several names:  Double X, Crosses and Losses, Fox and Geese and Bow Tie Variation. The quilt is 66"x77" and dates to c. 1875. The maker and place made is unknown. It is hand pieced and hand quilted with diagonal lines and hanging diamonds. The on-point black and light blocks alternate with cheddar or butterscotch yellow solid blocks. This very graphic quilt is in a private collection.

doubleX_detail.jpg (35808 bytes)Double X Detail.

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A needle, some thread, a small piece of time,
Her scissors and thimble, an old print scrap;
And like a rich man with just a thin dime,
She searches the box that sits on her lap.

Her glasses are thick, gray hair a neat bun,
Nimble fingers are still graceful and quick;
She sorts through the fabrics and, one by one,
Lays out a quilt pattern like a card trick.

That piece of red dress she'll put over there,
And stitch it to this dark print from a shirt;
This was a blouse, she'll choose each with care,
And add this calico print of a skirt.

From stitch to stitch busy fingers will fly,
Quilting piece to piece of life that's gone by.

by: JG Butts
Copyright, 1999
March 31, 1999


This wonderful poem appears here by permission of the poet, thanks Joy.


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