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Many groups such as guilds enjoy having lectures and programs for their meetings. The following Lectures and Programs can be adapted to time available and can be presented to different size groups.

For complete information and fee schedule, please contact me.


Lectures and Programs

"Quilting Through the Decades" – A program about the history of quiltmaking. Quilts that are typical of each of the major quilting periods are shown. Explanation of how patterns developed in each period, how fabrics and colors changed, and techniques developed and changed is given.


"What’s New About Directional Fabrics" – This lecture includes the history of plaid and striped fabrics used in quilting. A slide show is given and examples of these fabrics in both traditional and contemporary quilts are shown.


"Why Should I Have My Quilts Appraised?" – An explanation of quilt appraisals including what an appraisal covers, why it is important, and how it is done. Appraising old quilts, new quilts and quilted garments will be discussed.


"Share Your Talent – Enter a Judged Show" - Tips for entering a judged show, do’s and don’ts, and suggestions for improving an entrants chances of winning will be discussed.


"Crazy Stitches and More" – Embroidery stitches and other techniques used on crazy quilts will be discussed. A slide show illustrates how stitches were used and composite stitches were developed.


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